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Working on a Long-term Project

It’s been awhile since I’ve last written on this site, but I wanted to share an update on a long-term project I’ve been working on.

This past term has been busy with school, work, and side projects, but I’ve enjoyed the experiences and the challenges. Most recently, one of the side projects I have been working on has been an infographic brochure for a training offered by the local public health office. This long-term project started out taking a current handout and redesigning it to be visually appealing. Rather than having a one-page handout full of text, the goal was to make it easier to understand the content. The question this type of project always produces is how can I distill the large quantity of text without losing the core meaning?

Key to answering this question is taking the time to understand what the content is about. This allows for determining what is essential for comprehension and what is not. A way to look at it which I find helpful is figuring out how I would try to teach someone else the information. Tutoring peers in math when I was in middle school comes to mind. I loved getting to help others understand the math concepts and how to apply them. I love math and sharing this with others was exciting, especially when there is an “ah-ha moment”.

Jumping to the end part of the design process, gaining feedback is essential. This can be a humbling experience because it requires listening with an open mind. It is valuable seeing a project from the perspective of another. This won’t always mean seeing eye to eye. But it can broaden the depth of the material by incorporating others insights. As in any field, creating doesn’t happen in a silo.

This long-term project is still in the works, but it is nearing completion and should be going to the printers in the next couple of weeks. I’m excited for the end result. There’s something different about holding a finished product in your hands rather than seeing it on the screen. When it’s finally finished, I look forward to sharing it on my portfolio page here.

Until next time . . .

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