Why do we create?

Why do we create? What is the purpose behind what we do?

I think those two questions have been a constant in my mind since I started college. In undergrad, I started out studying architecture and after a year decided that this was not where I should be. I loved to create and make things growing up, but it did not translate into a passion for architecture. Throughout my four years in undergrad, I was searching to find the path I should be going down, what I wanted to do. It has been a journey and throughout it, I have learned to trust in God for what I cannot control, because I can’t control what my future holds for me.

Senior year of college, I discovered what path to go down, public health. Starting out my graduate program, I still wasn’t certain what exactly I wanted to do in the field of public health, but the more I get involved in my studies and the work I do, the more I’m falling in love with health communication and how design can be used to help communicate and support communities in living a healthy life.

And this is where this website came into play, Create with Purpose. The answers to those two questions are always growing and developing. In this new direction I’ve found, I want to explore it, to better understand how design, communication, and health can all work together. And this journey continues with this blog, a place to write about these discoveries and to share with others how these three can work together.

I hope y’all enjoy reading!


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