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Taking Time to Paint

This image shows the beginning stages of the current painting I am working on.

I love being able to paint. I started when I took a painting class in high school. The first project was to make a color chart where I learned how to mix colors, about the color wheel, about the difference between tone and shade. Through this first project, I fell in love with paint, with the texture it can create. And painting was a challenge I enjoyed. It isn’t easy to paint something, especially when you are trying to make it look like the object or scene in real life.

Since taking the class years ago, I’ve continued painting, albeit inconsistently. Painting takes time and it has been hard to carve out enough time while I’ve been in college. When I have found time though, painting has been a great stress reliever, being able to set aside whatever assignments I was working on or exams I was studying for to be able to focus on the colors and the canvas.

After a long hiatus, I have taken up painting again. And when I paint, I love seeing the texture of the paint, so I apply it liberally to the canvas. I’m definitely still a beginner, but a friend I have been painting with has challenged me to expand on technique, to learn how to paint with less and to spend more time on each project. While I enjoy being creative, I have never been the most patient with my projects. I prefer starting and finishing in one sitting. But I am learning to appreciate taking on long term projects.

Learning this new technique is a challenge, but I appreciate how it is pushing me to grow. This same idea, of pushing my creative limits, applies to other areas of my life, including the design work I am able to do. Looking back over the past few years, I can definitely see the improvement from project to project. But I also recognize there is still so much room for growth. And just as with painting, any skill will take time and effort to get better.

Painting has also been a great way to provide more depth to my understanding of design concepts such as color and proportion. While painting is different than the two dimensional graphic design I often do, a lot of the principles are similar. It can be easy to focus on one set of design skills. But I think it is worth spending time on other skills.

While the painting I am currently working on is still in the beginning stages, I’m looking forward to seeing how it will turn out. I just need to be patient as I go.

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below!


(PS – I’ve finally added new pieces to my portfolio, which you can view here.)

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