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Sharing Creativity – 6.2.2017

A biweekly sharing of inspiring creativity and the people at the heart of it.

Warmer days from the top of Spencer's Butte in Eugene, Oregon

The past two weeks have flown by as the start of June is reflected in the warmer days and the lack of rain which is so characteristic of Oregon. I’m definitely thankful for the break though. I’ve already had the chance to go hiking a few times and no matter how many times I go out, my favorite thing to do is to start early in the morning. Catching the sun rise as it brightens up the sky makes the hike even more lovely.

As promised, I have a few new finds to share today about different areas of creativity. I hope you enjoy the reading (and I have a video to share as well)!

To start, take a look at these font designs

This is an article about a Polish type designer, Viktoriya Grabowska, who is designing a typeface for visually impaired individuals with a purpose of aiding in teaching letter shapes. The process of creating the typeface and the research gone into the process is fascinating. Highly recommend the read, which can be found here:

Then take a look at these vertical garden designs

I dream about one day being able to garden (though I would need to address my challenge with keep plants alive). IKEA came out with a design for growing a vertical garden in the shape of a sphere. You can read more about the sphere, called Growroom, here:

And to finish things off, a short video on urban design

In Barcelona, city streets are being transformed to become more pedestrian-friendly. The idea is to design a street where people are the main focus, rather than cars. As a side benefit, these “Superblocks” are also beneficial to the environment. You can watch the short video about these streets here:


I hope y’all enjoy the start of summer, going on as many adventures as possible. Until next time!


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