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Sharing Creativity – 6.16.2017

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I think I spoke to soon in my last post – the rain has returned to Oregon. But waking up to those gray and misty mornings has its charm. And if you wait long enough, the clouds do clear up. It’s hard to believe June is already half way done. I have a number of projects I’m continuing to work on, but this past week, one of the projects finally went to print. It is so satisfying seeing stacks of the printed brochure ready to go. There is something different seeing something in print rather than on a computer screen. I’m excited to share the project with you soon. You will be able to find it on my portfolio page.

As for this week, here are some of the finds I have to share with you:

Here’s a look into the perspective of a farmer

This article is part of a newer series at Grace Communications Foundation. The series, “In the Field”, are interviews with farmers hearing their perspective on agriculture and the food they grow. To read the interview with Farmer Anthony Wagner, you can go here:

Then check out this post about website design

I discovered Communicate Health about a year ago and fell in love with their design work. The company writes short but sweet posts sharing tips on how to improve communication of health-related information. This past week, they discussed how to improve a website design in regards to making it easier to find information. You can read about their suggestions here:

And then a question for you: Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Last week, a coworker brought in these Alter Eco truffles to work, which were delicious (both the dark chocolate Black Truffles and the dark chocolate Salted Caramel Truffles). In closer inspection, I discovered the packaging they use is compostable. It was interesting reading about how this company addressed the issue of finding sustainable packaging. You can read more about the packaging here:


Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from y’all in the comments below!

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