An image from my walk in Oxford, England
Sharing Creativity

Sharing Creativity – 5.19.2017

A biweekly sharing of inspiring creativity and the people at the heart of it.
An image from my walk in Oxford, England
From a walk I took in Oxford, England back in 2015.

One thing my friends know about me is my love for reading. My nose has always been in a book, even as a child. I’d climb trees with a book in hand and sit up above getting lost in other worlds. In the last few years I have transitioned to reading large quantities of research papers and nonfiction. This is a direct result of being in undergrad and now grad school. But I still have a love for the way words can paint pictures and how integral stories are to our lives.

In the past year or so, I’ve started to expanding my reading to blogs and articles on a variety of topics, from cooking to computer programming to design. And I was inspired by a blog I follow by Kaitlin Wernet. She occasionally posts at the end of the week with a series titled “Cheers” where she writes about the people and things in her life which helped her get through the week. They’re fun to read, to see life from another’s perspective. In her most recent post I was inspired by the idea of what she has done.

Tying it back to my love for reading, I decided I would like to start a biweekly post about different people and projects I have read about. The intent is to showcase how creative people are in addressing problems and developing solutions. It will be a place to share the creativity in the everyday and the extraordinary. I hope y’all enjoy the finds!

First up is IKEA

I found this article awhile back but I loved seeing the application of design to address the issue of providing shelter at refugee camps. The size of the structure before and after it has been put together is astounding. This article can be found at The Guardian here:

And then there is HackYourFuture

A few years ago, a group of computer programmers in the Netherlands began to teach computer programming to refugees. This led to the start of HackYourFuture, where refugees gain valuable skills preparing them for finding and gaining employment in their new homes. This article can be found at freeCodeCamp here:

Next up, we have a great approach to address food insecurity

This was an interesting read on a recent movement of physicians “prescribing food” to their patients. The intent was to connect patients to local and sustainable food sources, increasing access to healthy foods as a way to address both food insecurity and associated health problems. This article can be found at the Grace Communications Foundation here:

And to finish it off, here’s a yummy recipe

Because who doesn’t enjoy food? I love to cook and being able to share this with others is one of the things I enjoy most. One of the blogs I follow is a food blog called Cookie and Kate, which focuses on cooking with whole foods. An older recipe on her blog is for “Sugar Snap Pea and Carrot Soba Noodles” which I absolutely love. To see the recipe, you can go here:



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