Hello to 2017

The new year starts today . . . and it has been quite awhile since I last wrote. Honestly, this past month was a bit hectic. I finished my first term in grad school (which ended on a good note!). Then going into the Christmas season, I intentionally left my laptop behind while I went out of town to visit family. After working so intensely, I took a much needed break to slow down a bit. I’ve enjoyed the time to read more and to spend time with friends and family. After coming back from my trip, I took time to reflect on the past year, before saying hello to 2017. A lot has happened and there is a lot I’m thankful for. This process of reflection also helped me figure out what I want to work on in this coming year. I don’t really make resolutions though.

Too often I have found myself messing up on a resolution then giving it up completely. Instead, I try to make goals. For me, goals are ongoing areas I’m working on. These goals reflect what I’m facing currently in the season of life I am in. Creating goals also helps me plan for what steps of action I need to take to accomplish these goals. One area I know I want to improve on in this website and the amount of time and effort I put into it. I have really enjoyed getting to write about something I’m so excited about. But I want to continue focusing time on this website in the future. I hope to write more often than I have in the past and more consistently. I also have a couple of design projects I hope to share with y’all soon.

As this new year unfolds, there is a lot of unknowns. But I’m looking forward to how it will unfold and what I will get to learn and experience along the way.

I hope you have a wonderful start to 2017!



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